WehoPuts Units


KWH Pipe, member of the KWH Group, is an expert in sustainable solutions and technologies for the transport and storage of liquids and gas as well as the treatment of wastewater.

KWH Pipe develops, manufactures and markets complete plastic pipe systems for industrial, municipal and construction applications, environmental products, pre-insulated pipe systems and special machinery and production technology.

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Biological wastewater treatment

Water is one of the most important natural resources on our planet. In recent years, surface water resources, rivers, lakes, etc. are affected significantly by the continuing contamination due to lack of drainage networks in many regions of Attica and province.

The effluents are in addition to the organic and chemical (mainly phosphate by human sewage) leading to polluted water to be chemically active and can accelerate eutrophication. Phosphate loads of water is one of the main factors contributing to the contamination of water resources. Leading to greater consumption of oxygen, causing odors and greatly hinder the reuse of water.

The absorbent cesspools often made is environmentally damaging and dangerous to public health. Moreover we find many cases where the water comes to the surface or in adjacent houses and underground, causing outbreaks of infection and odor. On the other hand, watertight tanks or construction is a safer option but requires require frequent shocks that are less profitable.

An independent biological treatment plant is able to work on site waste water produced by a plant as a housing estate, an industry, a hotel or a remote village. It is the ideal solution for application in homes and buildings, buildings that can not be connected to a sewerage system.

The biological units in the series WehoPuts technology-based SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor) with tertiary treatment of sewage thereby achieving an extremely high degree of sewage treatment and containment of the phosphate load (> 95% *). Serve homes, hotels and camping sites, production facilities as well as entire settlements outside the municipal sewerage system.

* (%, Averaged from measurements in installed systems)